Ever since Facebook became a social networking behemoth, the company has been looking for ways to take over other parts of our lives. Instead of texting, you can download the Facebook Messenger app. If you don’t want to download Venmo, you can now send money through the Messenger app instead.

And it appears that the next thing Facebook wants to replace is the dialer on our smartphones.

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A few tipsters sent Android Police a picture of a new app called Phone for Android devices. Here’s the photo evidence:

Facebook Phone AppImage Source: Android Police

It seems to be in the testing phase at the moment, because clicking the install button just results in an error message.

Despite the incredibly vague name, the app’s features would be welcome for many phone users who are tired of screening calls from telemarketers. As Android Police notes, the Whitepages Caller ID & Block app has similar functionality, but with Facebook’s name attached to the app, it’s sure to dominate the competition.