Getting young people to pay for music has become increasingly difficult in the modern era. For the time being, ad revenue from YouTube or subscription streaming music services like Spotify and Pandora are the best that can be hoped for in many cases. But some companies are trying to find new ways for people to legally enjoy music where cost isn’t a barrier, and one nifty example is BOOMiO.

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BOOMiO takes an interesting approach to music, using a format somewhat similar to BlackBerry’s failed BBM Music service. The app is all about social listening, just like BBM Music was, but there are a few key differences. First, BOOMiO’s platform is iOS, not BlackBerry, so there’s a much larger potential user base.

Also, BOOMiO is completely free for iPhone users and carries no subscription fees or listening fees.

Here’s the app’s full description:

BOOMiO is the best way to share and discover music. Choose from millions of original, full-length, licensed tracks then BOOM a song to a friend, group, or everyone you know. Chat and comment with real-time, unlimited messaging. Coming soon: Follow your favorite artists to hear their new music as they post it.

BOOM LISTS – Easily build a live playlist for parties or the car straight from your friends BOOMiO chats. Keep the party going by adding more songs in real time.

SHARE – Share an unlimited number of songs with all your BOOMiO friends and followers. Keep all your BOOMs private or share to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

FOLLOW ARTISTS – Follow your favorite Verified Artists to see what they’re listening to and hear their new music first. (Coming soon).

CHAT – Use your phone’s internet connection to chat with your BOOMiO friends for free!

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