Swedish furniture company Ikea has come up with an interesting desk design called Bekant, which might make working from home, or at the office, even more fun and possibly more productive. Aware that sitting at a desk for hours at a time without proper breaks for standing up isn’t exactly healthy, Ikea has decided to offer buyers the best from both worlds with a single desk, the Bekant, which comes with a handy height adjusting mechanism.

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Featuring a rather minimal design, the Bekant desk can be adapted to your height with a simple push of a button. More interestingly, users can move from a sitting version of the desk to a standing version in an instant and readjust the desk’s height whenever they feel like it. Thus, they can continue working while sitting and/or standing, and even increase productivity while improving their posture.

Bekant desks are available for purchase from Ikea online and local retail stores and they retail for as low as $149 — the following video shows the desk’s height adjusting mechanism in action.