After suggesting in a questionable report that Apple might be shifting more resources to iPhone 6 Plus production, Digitimes is back with a second report on the same theme. Apparently the strong iPhone 6 Plus demand has surprised Apple, and the company is currently adjusting supply ratio for the two phones.

FROM EARLIER: These charts suggest Apple has already sold a ridiculous 21 million iPhone 6 units

iPhone 6 shipments are expected to be 3 million to 4 million lower than the initial forecast, as Apple is shifting some of its iPhone 6 production to the iPhone 6 Plus. Even so, buyers who aren’t able to get an iPhone 6 Plus right away shouldn’t be too excited just yet, as it’ll take a while for iPhone 6 Plus stock to build up.

“But most component suppliers’ current inventories are not sufficient for extra iPhone 6 Plus orders, and device manufacturers also do not have sufficient production lines for related assembly,” Digitimes wrote. “Therefore, the retail channel may need to wait a while before seeing a significant increase in iPhone 6 Plus supply, the sources noted.”

Recent reports have revealed that Apple may have sold up to 21 million combined iPhone 6 units, of which more than 4 million units may be 5.5-inch iOS phablets.

Similar unconfirmed reports coming from China revealed that iPhone 6 reservations have topped 4 million, well ahead of the official iPhone 6 preorders number, with one local retailer revealing it has actually received slightly more iPhone 6 Plus orders than iPhone 6, both pegged at over 1 million.