It was hardly the biggest of the many announcements Apple made during Tuesday’s press conference, but the company confirmed that it will finally release iOS 8 to the public on Wednesday, September 17th next week. iOS 8 represents a huge upgrade for Apple’s mobile platform, adding tons of new functionality and tweaking hundreds of features that already existed in iOS 7.1.

Anxious Apple fans dying to get their hands on Apple’s latest and greatest software have the option to install the iOS 8 GM seed even without a developer account, though BGR strongly recommends against taking that route. Instead, there’s now an easy way to make your iPhone look fresh and new without taking any risks.

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Courtesy of graphic designer Jason Zigrino and Apple blogger Benjamin Tourin (via Zinx), each of the 15 new iPhone wallpapers found in Apple’s iOS 8 software has been extracted from the iOS 8 GM and made available for download.

Click here to download Apple’s new iOS 8 wallpapers for the iPhone.

For all the other new features found in iOS 8, we’re afraid you’ll have to wait until next week when the software is finally released.

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