An app called Popcorn Time that has been dubbed the “Netflix for pirates” has been making waves recently because it makes finding and streaming pirated movies and TV shows easier than it has ever been before. The app is also quite sleek, with a nice user interface and, apparently, equally elegant code. The program’s code has been used in a number of similar apps, and now a new offering of particular interest has popped up: TorrenTV.

“Popcorn Time is beautiful in code and in looks but I wanted to do two things that Popcorn Time didn’t allow me, [such as watching] movies directly on my TV,” TorrenTV’s creator told TorrentFreak in a recent interview.

Of course, Carlos’s new app does just that.

Using the TorrenTV app on a Mac or Windows PC, users can simply drag and drop a torrent link to start streaming a movie or TV show immediately. But instead of just playing on a computer, the app will stream the video to a Roku box or to an Apple TV via AirPlay.

A link to the TorrenTV website can be found in the source section below.