New scams looking to swindle people out of their hard-earned money are devised every day, and one particularly devious scheme targeting Verizon Wireless subscribers is now gaining notoriety. Droid Life recently posted about the new scam, which lures Verizon customers in by offering “a special reward” of $54 to subscribers who visit a new website set up for the promotion.

According to the report, the phishing scam starts out with a phone call that appears on caller ID as “Technical Support 1-800-922-0204,” which just so happens to be the actual number for Verizon Wireless’ customer support line. The call plays a recording that asks Verizon subscribers to visit in order to claim a $54 bonus.

When users visit the aforementioned site, they are asked to log in using their credentials for their Verizon Wireless accounts. At this point, the site steals the associated usernames and passwords.

Needless to say, if you get this call you should ignore it. More importantly you should never — never — use your Verizon username and password to log into any website other than

A recording of the scam call is embedded below.