It looks like Vodafone subscribers may be among the first to get their hands on LG’s virgin Android offering as the handset has reportedly just made its first official public appearance. Spotted at a Vodafone booth at the IFA trade show in Germany, the Etna appears to be a decently-spec’d Android phone, though all we have so far is a sliding QWERTY, 3-inch touchscreen display, Bluetooth and a 5 megapixel camera. This all strikes us as odd of course, considering “Etna” was the codename for AT&T’s LG Neon feature phone when it was first explored back in February. Maybe LG liked the name so much, it decided to reuse it as the launch name on its Android phone? We imagine the details will all be ironed out soon enough but in the meantime, let’s all just keep our finger’s crossed that LG’s Android phone finds its way to the US sooner rather than later — we could certainly use the variety.

[Via Phandroid]