This is still definitely at rumor status but according to Cnet’s Natali Del Conte, Google plans to make its game-changing service Google Voice open to the public tomorrow, June 18th. During the 999th episode of Cnet’s Buzz Out Loud podcast, Del Conte responded to an anxious caller seeking info about the public availability of Google voice. According to Del Conte, her contact at Google emailed her several weeks ago while she was testing the service and pinned June 18th as the official public launch date. Ever since its previous life as GrandCentral, the service has been widely acclaimed by its beta users and the public has been dying to get its hands, or mouths, on it ever since. The service had been invite-only when independantly owned but Google slammed the doors and killed the invite system as soon as it aquired the service. Well people, according to Cnet the wait is almost over. Woo!