Back in June we told you about the updated electronics recycling program Best Buy was piloting (above and beyond their efforts already in place) and we’re happy to see other big retailers jumping on board with programs of their own. RadioShack is jazzing things up a bit with it’s electronics recycling program and offering up cash for your unused gear. Well, not really cash, but you’ll get a gift card good at any Shack which is still pretty cool. The process is easy – hit the site, appraise your unused electronics online and as long as your appraisal is realistic (don’t try to pass off your smashed BlackBerry as brand new) you’ll know exactly how much you’re in store for. The prices aren’t half bad either and some are even more than what you might get from eBay. $255 for a Nokia N95 8GB, $62 for a Samsung Blackjack, $42 for a 3rd generation iPod classic, $300 or more for a used laptop… They’ll even take that old Vertu Ascent off your hands for an even $510. Ok well that last one’s probably not such a good deal, but it’s definitely worth browsing through the site to see if RadioShack might be able to lighten the financial burden that this holiday season will undoubtedly be.

[Via SlipperyBrick]