For those that don’t know, HTC’s “Manilla” is basically a customized interface that’s on top of the standard Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional OS. The actual screen shots a good friend provided us with are from a “cooked” X7510 ROM with the “Manilla” part thrown in from an unreleased VGA device HTC is working on. Also we’ve been told that “Manilla” is not technically TouchFLO 2.0, TouchFLO 2.0 just has a few updates to the scrolling part of it and the cube, nothing more than that. We’ve got to say that we’re in love with these screenshots and how Windows Mobile 6.1 is looking after HTC got a hold of it and put their own customizations on it. Maybe that or the VGA resolution. Well, both actually. Hit the gallery for the screenies!

Click on over to our HTC Manilla screenshot gallery!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the Athena project over at XDA. You just might well get a little “Manilla” rub-down if you know what I mean…Ok, that was dirty.