Photos of Nokia’s Android phone leak again

Nokia Normandy Photo

If you subscribe to the school of thought that dictates “where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” Finland is almost certainly burning right now. Following the revelation that Nokia likely used a cunning secret weapon in its fight to convince Microsoft to cough up $5 billion for its devices and services business and another $2.2 billion for patent licensing, we have seen the company’s tiny Android phone pop up a number of times. A leaked photo of an engineering prototype surfaced recently, and we saw on Tuesday that the device had an interface that mimics the look of Windows Phone on Android using a series of custom widgets. Now, a photo of what appears to be final hardware has been leaked on Twitter by ViziLeaks. No other details were provided, but some insist that the so-called “Normandy” is still slated for release despite the imminent Microsoft deal.

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