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Watch Conan freak out trying VR for the first time

Conan VR

There’s not many places that you can try out an Oculus Rift in a custom-made space, but YouTube’s VR room in New York is one of the best. Getting access as a mere mortal is rather difficult, but if you’re Conan O’Brien, it turns out you can turn up and do whatever you want.

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The video is simple in concept, and deliciously mean in execution. Conan shows up to the VR studio and is shown around by the head of the VR division — basically a poor YouTube employee who’s worried that Conan is going to break everything.

Conan proceeds to strap on an HTC Vive and go for a play in increasingly complicated VR worlds. He starts with a 3D doodling app, and then proceeds to end up playing a really bad cook in a diner.

It’s funny as a standard Conan-tries-out-new-technology bit, but it should also get you excited for the future of VR entertainment systems. If nothing else, you’ll have a legitimate shot in your life to be less dorky than Conan.