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Here are all 47 things Uber is going to change to try to be less horrible

Published Jun 15th, 2017 3:45PM EDT
uber recommendations
Image: LeWeb14

Huge changes are afoot for troubled ride hailing startup Uber. After years of missteps, detailed complaints from current and former employees, and a CEO that can’t seem to get out of his own way, the company’s board declared this week that it would adopt all 47 recommendations from an independent analysis of Uber’s internal culture, policies, and structure. The list is long and addresses everything from the role of CEO Travis Kalanick to the topic of intimate relationships between employees, and even at what time the company holds its catered dinners. Here’s the rundown.

Most of these items are self-explanatory, but I’ve added brief descriptions to the ones that are a bit unclear from their title. If you want to dive deeper, you can check out the full report (PDF here) and read detailed explanations of each recommendation.

  1. Review and Reallocate the Responsibilities of Travis Kalanick
  2. Use the Chief Operating Officer Search to Identify Candidates Who Can Help Address These Recommendations
  3. Use Performance Reviews to Hold Senior Leaders Accountable
  4. Increase the Profile of Uber’s Head of Diversity and the Efforts of His Organization
  5. Employment Actions – Making HR responsible following through on employee actions as determined by the board. 
  6. Enhance the Independence of the Board
  7. Install an Independent Chairperson of the Board
  8. Create an Oversight Committee
  9. Use Compensation to Hold Senior Leaders Accountable
  10. Nominate a Senior Executive Team Member to Oversee Implementation of any Recommendations
  11. Implement Enhancements to the Audit Committee
  12. Implement Enhancements to Uber’s Internal Controls
  13. Human Resources Record-Keeping – HR will use “complaint-tracking software” to keep detailed archives of all employee complaints. 
  14. Track Agreements with Employees – HR will also archive settlement and separation agreements reached with employees. 
  15. Reformulate Uber’s 14 Cultural Values
  16. Mandatory Leadership Training For Key Senior Management/Senior Executive Team Members
  17. Mandatory Human Resources Training
  18. Mandatory Manager Training
  19. Interview Training
  20. An “Owner” of Resources-Related Policies Should be Identified or Hired
  21. Increase Management Support for Human Resources
  22. Provide a Robust and Effective Complaint Process
  23. Establish Protocols with Respect to Escalating Complaints
  24. Devote Adequate Staff and Resources to Human Resources
  25. Establish an Employee Diversity Advisory Board
  26. Regularly Publish Diversity Statistics
  27. Target Diverse Sources of Talent
  28. Utilize Blind Resume Review
  29. Adopt a Version of the “Rooney Rule” – Require each group of candidates for any position to include one woman and one underrepresented minority. 
  30. Adopt and Promote a Sponsorship Program
  31. Recognize and Support Employee Diversity Efforts
  32. Recognize Managers for their Diversity Efforts
  33. Review Benefits Offerings
  34. Unconscious Bias Review
  35. Coordinate Efforts – Require various departments to have a dialogue with the Head of Diversity regarding inclusion efforts. 
  36. Solicit Feedback from Employees
  37. EEO Policies – Updated versions of Uber’s discrimination and harassment policies. 
  38. Prohibit Romantic or Intimate Relationships Between Individuals in a Reporting Relationship
  39. Institute and Enforce Clear Guidelines on Alcohol Consumption and the Use of Controlled Substances.
  40. Remove Transfer Barriers
  41. Modify Uber’s Performance Review Process
  42. Make Promotion Requirements Clearer
  43. Flexible Work – Allowing remote work where applicable and flexible hours. 
  44. Catered Dinner – Move the dinners to a time where more employees can actually attend. 
  45. Even Application of Policies and Practices
  46. Address Employee Retention
  47. Review and Assess Uber’s Pay Practices