Tesla might ever-so-slowly be taking over the highways, but the thrill of driving, that “wind in your hair” freedom that Jeremy Clarkson talks about still belongs to the internal combustion engine, right?

Well, just look at this photo of a race-spec Tesla Model S, and tell me it doesn’t stir some feelings deep down.

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Electrek found these images from Electric GT, an all-electric car series that uses modified Tesla Model S sedans. The cars in question are older P85+ models, chosen because they’re the highest-performance Teslas that have rear-wheel drive. Racers tend to prefer rear-wheel drive, thanks to better handling and more predictable performance.

Judging by the images, Electric GT has mostly focused on stripping out the interior to save weight and add safety. Apparently, the drivetrain has been left intact.

Of course, we can’t talk about modifications without mentioning the obvious aerodynamic performance. A front diffuser and huge rear spoiler won’t do good things for the range, but speed through the corners should be good.

Along with the pictures, Electric GT has released a trailer for the upcoming race series. Let’s just say I haven’t been this excited for a completely silent car race since winning the pedal-car series in third grade.

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