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The Galaxy S8’s red tint fix is rolling out to AT&T customers

Galaxy S8 red tint fix

Ever since Samsung launched the Galaxy S8, we’ve been hearing complaints about a red tint to the screen. Samsung acknowledged the problem, but luckily it’s a simple software fix. You can do it yourself by heading into settings and calibrating the display color, or just wait for Samsung to push an update to fix.

For Galaxy S8 users on AT&T, that wait is over. A week after T-Mobile pushed the update to its Galaxy S8 customers, AT&T has started rolling out the update.

Just like on T-Mobile, the update is 480MB, so you’ll want to be on Wi-Fi to download. As ever, you should also be plugged into power or at a high level of battery charge before applying an update.

To force the update, you can head into Settings, About Device, and force the device to scan for any available updates. It’s rolling out nationwide as we speak, so any Galaxy S8 users on AT&T should be seeing it now.

It feels like every new phone needs at least one bug when it launches. By all accounts, Samsung got away easy here: the red screen tint isn’t fundamentally that annoying, and it’s something that just needs a simple software patch to get right. It’s a lot less dangerous than exploding batteries, in any case.

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