Tesla CEO Elon Musk got the tech world buzzing yesterday when he posted a tweet promising to deliver an “unexpected” new product at a special event slated to take place on October 17. In turn, the speculation surrounding Musk’s tweet exploded, with the most intriguing and believable rumors pointing towards Tesla introducing new Autopilot hardware next week.

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That said, Fred Lambert over at Electrek reports that Tesla is working on a new autonomous technology platform dubbed Tesla Vision that promises to make the company’s Autopilot software all the more impressive and perhaps better than anything else out on the market.

Tesla put a small army of PhDs in computer vision and “hardcore” software engineers on the program, including one of Microsoft’s scientists who developed the Hololens and experts in simulating human perception.

We are told that the system is unlike anything in vehicles currently available on the market today and it will act as the basis on which Tesla will be able to develop gradually more advanced autonomous features – climbing the ladder of levels of automation.

In light of this report, and with Tesla slated to hold a special event in just about a week, perhaps Elon Musk will have some exciting new Autopilot news to share with us in just a few days.

One other possibility regarding Tesla’s upcoming event is that Musk may use the opportunity to make some important announcements regarding the features of Tesla’s highly anticipated Model 3. Remember, during the initial Model 3 unveiling, Musk bluntly stated that there will be a second part to the reveal before 2017.

All the same, make sure to head on over to Electrek for the full technical nitty gritty surrounding the next-gen Autopilot software Tesla is currently working on.

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