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Video: Tesla’s Model S rarely rolls over, but it’s catastrophic when it does

Tesla Model S Rollover Accident

Being one of the hottest electric carmakers in town also comes with unwanted side-effects. Every Tesla-related incident, whether it’s an accident caused by human error or linked to the car’s AI features, receives plenty of scrutiny. Take, for example, a car rolling over. If it’s your average vehicle, it’s a scary incident but not terribly interesting. But if it’s a Tesla that rolls, then it’s major news — and for good reason, because Teslas rarely roll.

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A Tesla Model S rolled over after colliding with a truck in the Netherlands, and there’s video of the wreckage. As you’ll see in the following clip, the car is totaled and what’s left is certainly an unpleasant sight.

According to the video’s description, a truck hit the Model S at high-speed, causing it to roll over at least once. The driver sustained injuries and was transferred to the hospital, and the car had to be removed by a salvage company.

What’s so special about a Tesla rolling over? Electrek explains that Model S is extremely difficult to roll because of its weight (5,000 pounds) and lower center of gravity – all thanks to the battery pack platform. The Model S got a 5-star NHTSA rating with a 5.7% rollover probability score in a high-speed accident.

Regardless of ratings and driver ability, accidents like these keep happening, making rollovers unavoidable. It’ll be interesting to see whether smart cars of the future, including Tesla models, will be able to prevent this sort of incident.

Meanwhile, here’s what a Model S looks like after it rolls at high speed:

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