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Tesla Model 3 pre-order customers are still being left in the dark

Tesla Model 3 Release Date

Tesla’s Model 3 is one of the most exciting cars coming to a street near you in the immediate future. How soon the Model 3 will actually hit roads is something Tesla is yet to explain, and it’s not just you.

In fact, it turns out that Tesla has been rather quiet when it comes to sharing Model 3 launch information with the hundreds of thousands of reservation holders.

Almost 400,000 people paid $1,000 to pre-order a Model 3 last year, many of them committing their money without even seeing what’s supposed to be Tesla’s cheapest electric car to date.

But that doesn’t mean Tesla has been in contact with them ever since. After the initial email thanking buyers for their reservations, ticket holders received a package in the mail a few months later that contained a graphic of the Model 3 and an additional thank you note from Elon Musk.

That seems to be all the communication that took place between the company and Model 3 early buyers.

Many people are eager to find out when the Model 3 will come out, reports from Jalopnik and Bloomberg reveal.

Some are worried they won’t have time to make financing arrangements in time for the car’s launch. Others have given up on the Model 3 dream and canceled their reservation.

A Jalopnik reader who preordered the Model 3 on the first day of sales said a friend who works at Tesla told him last month he shouldn’t expect to receive the car for “at least another 1-1.5 years, minimum.”

Tesla, meanwhile, should reveal more details about the Model 3 on Friday, during a special event.

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