Last week, Elon Musk to Twitter and said that Tesla would hold a special event on October 17 where the company would make a surprising and exciting product introduction. Not surprisingly, Musk hopped on Twitter yesterday and, in a move that should surprise no one, pushed the special event back to Wednesday, October 19.

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The purported reason behind the delay, according to Musk, is that whatever new product Tesla plans on unveiling this week needs just few more days of refinement.

All things considered, I can’t hate on Tesla too hard here because, in the grand scheme of things, a two-day delay in Tesla’s world is actually an improvement. Far more interesting, I think, is the speculation surrounding what type of surprise Tesla has in store for us later this week.

When Musk first announced Tesla’s upcoming product introduction, the Tesla CEO said that it would be “unexpected by most”, an intriguing remark that naturally got the wheels of speculation spinning.

In light of that, some Tesla observers anticipate that Musk this week may officially introduce Autopilot 2.0, an update which will encompass hardware enhancements to Tesla’s Autopilot hardware in the form of more additional radar units and more capable camera systems.

Having said that, it’s worth revisiting remarks Musk made just two months ago during a conference call. There, Musk spoke freely about Tesla’s ambitions to achieve full Level 4 autonomy.

“what we’ve got will blow people’s minds,” Musk said. “It blows my mind [and] it’ll come sooner than people think.”

An equally tantalizing possibility, though perhaps less likely, is that Tesla will finally show us what it has planned for the Tesla Model 3 dash. As we covered a few months back, because the Model 3 lacks a traditional instrument cluster, many believe that the shipping version of Tesla’s highly anticipated Model 3 will feature a futuristic HUD on the windshield. Notably, Musk this past June said that Tesla would hold a massive Model 3 event before 2017. That being the case, we’d imagine that if Wednesday’s event were about the Model 3, there would be a lot more hoopla surrounding it.

Regardless, Tesla product unveilings are anything but boring. And with Tesla always striving to achieve the unthinkable, all eyes in tech will appropriately be fixated on Elon Musk and co. this coming Wednesday.

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