Elon Musk took to Twitter earlier today where he signaled that Tesla is planning to hold not one, but two separate product introduction events later this month. Per Musk, the first event will take place on October 17 and, if we are to read into the tweet, will catch most people by surprise. The second event will take place on October 28th and will cover Tesla’s planned merger with SolarCity.

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While Musk didn’t go into any detail regarding the aforementioned events, he did post a follow-up tweet relaying that Tesla isn’t planning to raise any additional equity in 2016 in order to finance the SolarCity deal.

As for what Musk and co. have planned for the “unexpected” October 17th event, well, that’s anybody’s guess. There is some speculation that the event may focus on Autopilot 2.0 which will see new Tesla vehicles outfitted with more expansive hardware, including more cameras and radars. To this end, previous reports have suggested that new Tesla vehicles will be graced with radar units on every corner of the car along with a new triple-camera system on the front.

If the event does, in fact, center on new Autopilot hardware, it will be interesting to see if Tesla makes any mention of retrofitting existing Tesla vehicles with the new hardware.

Another possibility is that Tesla may deliver some interesting new developments regarding the Model 3. We can’t see this happening this early, but it would be great if Musk made an announcement regarding the missing instrument cluster on the Model 3. As we’ve highlighted previously, the only source of information about items like speed and range on the Model 3 comes via the car’s 15-inch center display. That said, there have been rumors that the final incarnation of the Model 3 will feature a HUD of some sort.

And last, and arguably least, Tesla on October 17 may take the opportunity to issue new announcements regarding its Powerwall and Powerpack products.

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