Pokemon Go is addictive fun, but a downside to wandering around with your smartphone out is that it can run through your data plan quite quickly. In a masterpiece of marketing, T-Mobile is fixing the problem by giving all customers free, unlimited data for Pokemon Go for the next year.

The free data comes as part of a special T-Mobile Tuesday, which will see the network giving away a bunch of free stuff to its customer, including Lyft rides, cheap battery packs and a Frosty.

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According to a press release, the precise gifts on offer are:

  • Free, unlimited data on Pokémon Go, so it won’t touch your high-speed data—for a full year!

  • Free Lyft rides up to $15 to get to a new PokéStop or Gym

  • Free Wendy’s Frosty to fuel up for your hunting trip

  • 50% off select accessories – including portable power packs and chargers at T-Mobile stores – so you can keep on playing for hours

To get the free data, you need to download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app from the iOS or Android app store and claim the gift. In that way, it’s a little different to the Binge On service, offering free data for Netflix and Spotify, since that feature is enabled by default.

It shouldn’t be too hard to claim, though — just open the app this Tuesday (or any subsequent Tuesdays) to claim the gift.

The free data and free Lyft rides are a savvy PR move from T-Mobile, and certainly useful for its customers. But just as with the Binge On service, offering unlimited data for certain apps and services is a dangerous breach of “net neutrality.” Right now, T-Mobile doesn’t charge apps or services for participation in its unlimited data programmes. But preferential treatment can be a slippery slope, and lead to a future where customers are coerced into only playing T-Mobile approved apps, or listening to music on a T-Mobile partner service.

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