Pricing for both PS5 consoles and every single accessory might’ve just leaked

June 26th, 2020
PS5 Release Date

The PS5 design reveal was an awesome surprise a few weeks ago when Sony introduced its new PlayStation 5 consoles and the various accessories. The design was the last thing that Sony showed during its online-only PlayStation 5 event. Sony did not explain the design during the event, although some of the PlayStation execs did comment on it in the days that followed the reveal. Since then, we saw Sony list the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition on Amazon in various countries in Europe, right alongside the DualSense controller and the other accessories that were shown off during the event. Sony also has PS5 remote, new headphones, a camera, and a dual charging station for controllers.

Unsurprisingly, Sony didn’t reveal the prices of any of its upcoming PS5 products. But a leaker who has been listing purported PlayStation 5 info for a few months took to Twitter to share the purported price tags for all these new PlayStation products.

We’ve detailed @IronManPS5’s leaks before, as the insider has offered plenty of PS5 predictions in the past few months. The novel coronavirus pandemic forced Sony to cancel all its tech events and presentations, including any PS5 press conferences it may have wanted to host. That’s why we have no way of verifying most of those leaks. Iron Man did get at least one thing wrong a few weeks ago when he or she said Sony wouldn’t debut the PS5 design until July.

This brings us to the last series of tweets that address the pricing and availability dates of all the PS5 gadgets. Here’s all the info, according to this anonymous leaker’s claims:

The PS5 will be released on November 20th, priced at $499, €499, or £449.

Both the main PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition will feature an 825GB SSD.

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition will also be available on November 20th, priced at $399, €399, or £349.

The DualSense controller will sell for $59.99, €59.99, or £54.99.

The DualSense Charging Station that can recharge two controllers will cost $29.99, €29.99, or £24.99.

The PS5 HD Camera will cost as much as the DualSense controller: $59.99, €59.99, or £54.99.

The Pulse 3D Wireless Headset will be slightly more expensive, at $159, €179, or £129.

The PS5 Media Remote will cost $29.99, €29.99, or £24.99.

Sony will launch a Vertical Stand for the PS5 in several countries, priced at $24.99, €19.99, or £16.99.

PlayStation 5 will launch in Japan a week before other markets, on November 14th.