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Motorola Razr 2020

Motorola Razr’s first folding durability test was pretty disastrous

February 7th, 2020

iThe Galaxy Fold has been a notorious disaster for Samsung, and a forewarning that the cutting-edge tech needed to create foldable handsets isn’t quite there yet. Samsung had to postpone the launch of the Fold by five months last year to redesign critical aspects of the screen and hinge to prevent the handset’s display from …

Tesla Design

New Tesla patent re-imagines what a steering wheel might do

February 6th, 2020

Even ardent Tesla detractors would have to concede that the company upended the entire automotive industry in a relatively short period of time. Thanks to the success of Tesla’s growing lineup of vehicles, the company not only normalized the notion of an electric car, but accelerated the adoption of EVs across the globe. Tesla’s success, …

Netflix autoplay

Finally! Netflix will now let you turn off the autoplay feature you hate

February 6th, 2020

Netflix has a ton of users around the globe and is continuing to add more to its massive subscriber base with each passing quarter. The convenience, the massive library of content — Netflix is unquestionably the gold standard by which all other streaming services are measured against. And yet. If you forced most people to …

Huawei Android Ban

The Huawei ban might backfire and burn Google in the most spectacular way

February 6th, 2020

Google managed to convince every smartphone maker in the world, except for Apple, to use its Android mobile operating system on their smartphones. The Android and iOS duo needed only a few years to “kill” Nokia, Palm, BlackBerry, and Microsoft, and Android ended up winning the lion’s share of the market. But just because Google …

Did Apple accidentally just leak a new Apple TV model?

February 6th, 2020

2020 is shaping up to be one of the busiest years ever for Apple hardware releases. In spring, we expect Apple to debut the follow-up to the iPhone SE, which we believe will be called the iPhone 9. Then, in the fall, there should be at least three iPhone 12 models released, though that number …