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Virtual Assistant Apps

Meet your new digital butler

January 15th, 2016

Ali Ahmed’s newly launched on-demand shopping and delivery app Dispatch is riding the wave of a trend that should continue to pick up steam in 2016. Call it the rise of the digital butler, in the form of smartphone apps and assistive services like Dispatch, Tapingo, Operator, Facebook M, Amazon Echo and others, all built …

T-Mobile Binge On Toggle Codes

This is the fastest way to disable T-Mobile’s Binge On

January 15th, 2016

T-Mobile subscribers who are already hooked on the carrier’s Binge On unlimited video streaming perk are probably familiar with the current controversy over the service. The EFF recently confirmed that T-Mobile is throttling all video traffic, or “optimizing” as the company calls it, regardless of whether or not the content is being streamed by a Binge On …

Apple Buying Netflix

Why Apple isn’t going to buy Netflix, now or ever

January 15th, 2016

Earlier this month, Jan Dawson of Techpinions articulated a few reasons why Apple acquiring Netflix would make a lot of strategic sense. On the whole, Dawson’s take is well-reasoned; Apple understands the “importance of strong content services” and currently has no unique video-based offerings of its own.

LG G5 Rumored Specs Features

Intriguing new rumors emerge on the LG G5

January 14th, 2016

LG often produces terrific devices but I don’t think I’ve ever used the term “exciting” to describe them. However, some intriguing new rumors about the LG G5 do offer us a little something to get excited about. Via 9to5Google, a report from CNET Korea this week claimed that the LG G5 will have a battery that can be …

Intel’s newest processor is arriving in PCs – and it has a weird math bug

January 14th, 2016

If you bought a PC over the holidays chances are it came with Intel’s newest processor. That chip also comes with an obscure bug – that, fortunately, doesn’t appear to impact the average consumer. Intel’s newest chip – branded as the 6th Generation Intel Core processor and codenamed “Skylake” – is its first redesigned chip …

Best iPhone 6s Cases Prong PWR

This looks like the ultimate iPhone 6s case

January 14th, 2016

We’ve looked at a lot of different iPhone 6s cases over the past few months but this week I stumbled across what might be the ultimate iPhone 6s case. Thanks to this video from Unbox Therapy, I now know about the Prong PWR Case that offers both a detachable battery and cord-free charging all in …

Netflix Vs. Network TV NBC

NBC is Comcastically delusional about Netflix and the future of TV

January 14th, 2016

There is a dangerous level of delusion going around at the major television networks. Via AdWeek, NBCUniversal president of research and media development Alan Wurtzel doesn’t believe that online streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon pose any real threat to traditional TV networks because their shows’ audiences are still small compared to the audiences for the …