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New iPhone 8 leak helps kill horrible design rumors

May 30th, 2017 at 9:54 AM
iphone 8 leak

The iPhone 8 is creeping ever closer to becoming a reality, and a brand new leak just landed that helps put a nail in the coffin of some questionable early renders that made the internet want to vomit. The new image, showing a now familiar iPhone 8, is allegedly a CAD drawing of the real deal, and what is shows us is very, very good news.

The image, which appears to be a photo of a computer screen rather than a screenshot, shows the rear of the rumored device, complete with the vertical dual-camera layout that has accompanied just about every iPhone 8 leak thus far. It was originally posted by Benjamin Gaskin, a leaker who has been on a bit of a hot streak, and given that the design supports the design we’ve seen from a number of different sources around the web, it carries some decent weight.

In the alleged CAD drawing, the iPhone 8 appears with rounded corners, the aforementioned dual-lens camera, and of course the iPhone engraving and Apple logo. However, it’s what’s not in the render that is the most exciting part; the photo doesn’t appear to show any indication of a rear-mounted fingerprint reader. That’s fantastic news, since rumors of a rear-mounted scanner were met with almost universal disdain from iPhone devotees who have become accustomed to the front-mounted Touch ID.

At this point, the number of different leaks showing the exact same design is starting to seriously pile up. It would be shocking if the eventual iPhone 8 didn’t look at least mostly like the device shown here, so it might be okay to get excited.

Mike Wehner has reported on technology and video games for the past decade, covering breaking news and trends in VR, wearables, smartphones, and future tech.

Most recently, Mike served as Tech Editor at The Daily Dot, and has been featured in USA Today,, and countless other web and print outlets. His love of reporting is second only to his gaming addiction.

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