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Netflix to address throttling issue with software update in May

Netflix Video Quality

If you’ve noticed that your mobile Netflix viewing experience has been less than stellar, it turns out that your carrier might not be the culprit. Indeed, Netflix a few days ago admitted that it has been throttling videos for AT&T and Verizon customers.

As Netflix recently conceded, the company has been lowering the video quality of streamed videos on the aforementioned carriers in an effort to keep users from going over their monthly data allotment. As Netflix puts it, the throttling is to “protect consumers from exceeding mobile data caps.” Of course, the other benefit is that it keeps subscribers immersed within the Netflix universe for longer periods of time.

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Specifically, Netflix relayed that it limits streams to about 600kbps on cellular networks. And while this undoubtedly keeps data usage lower, not everyone is willing to put up with a step down in video quality.

That being the case, the streaming video giant reportedly has plans to roll out a new mobile app update in May that will give AT&T and Verizon customers more flexibility with respect to the quality of their video streams.

PhoneArena reports:

The feature will be offered in May and will allow those with low data caps to watch Netflix using a lower quality stream that will allow them to save their precious data. Those receiving a large amount of data each month will be able to watch movies and television shows with a higher quality feed. And those who won’t watch streaming video unless they have a Wi-Fi connection will also be able to choose a high-quality stream.

It’s a common sense solution, and it’s curious why this wasn’t implemented from day one.

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