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Teen who stayed up late watching Netflix saved his family from a fire


A 13-year old in Delaware who decided to stay up late and watch Netflix — and not go to bed per his mom’s orders — ended up saving his family from a serious house fire. So while we’ve long known that Netflix can be incredibly addicting, it apparently can also help save lives.

As relayed by Delaware Online, 13-year old Damir Borden this past Tuesday was busy watching Netflix early into the morning hours when he started to smell smoke. Acting quickly, he immediately woke up his sleeping family members whereupon they all evacuated to safety. The house was utterly destroyed, and the family could have easily have been trapped inside the burning home but for Damir’s warning.

“I don’t know where we (would) be if he listened and went to sleep,” Damir’s mom said via a post on Facebook. “Our house is gone, but we are still standing.”

Speaking to how quickly the fire spread, Damir’s mom said that the entire kitchen was engulfed in flames just about four minutes after she was woken up. In other words, time was of the essence and if Damir was asleep, the outcome could have very well been tragic.

“I saw smoke in my hallway, and then I saw the fire,” Damir explained in an interview. “And then, when I saw that I started yelling for my mom because she was asleep at the time. If Netflix wasn’t there, I probably would have went to sleep.”

Now as for the Netflix show that kept Damir up into all hours of the night, he told reporters that he was busy watching The Flash.

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