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ThinkGeek is giving everyone a chance to buy a NES Classic Edition

NES Classic Edition

The NES Classic Edition is the best Christmas gift for your toddler, which you’ll never be able to get your hands on. The Classic is sold out at Target, Walmart and Best Buy, and consoles are going for upwards of $300 on eBay.

Some smaller retailers have had intermittent stock, but it’s sold out in seconds. That creates a virtual lottery as to who actually gets the consoles, so ThinkGeek has decided to make an actual lottery for the privilege of buying a NES Classic Edition — and you can enter.

The way it works is simple: head over to ThinkGeek’s website, and follow the instructions to add the item to your wish list:

“Here’s the deal: more of you want NES Classics than we have to sell. We want to do right by you, so we’re going to make this as fair as we can. We were thinking some sort of Hunger-Games-style showdown, but instead here’s how we’re going to do this.

  1. Click the Add to Wish List button. You have until Monday, 12/12/16 10am ET to get this on your Wish List for the first round.

  2. On Monday 12/12/16, Timmy will begin to randomly select batches of fans who have this item on their Wish List and email them a unique code and link to buy it. This code will be good for 24 hours. If you don’t use the code within 24 hours, your chance goes back in the mix to let other eager fans have a shot.

  3. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Until we’re out of stock.”

Although the promotion started yesterday, it seems that ThinkGeek is planning on doing the same thing every day this week, so it’s not too late to enter. Of course, this forces you to create a ThinkGeek account, which the cynic inside me says is all the site really wants from this promotion. But hey, if there’s even a tiny chance you can get your hands on the internet’s most-desired box of nostalgia, you might as well try.

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