Kickstarter is a fantastic way to get brand-new technology for cheap. But apart from the risk of being scammed, it’s also quite unsatisfying. You pay your money, and a couple months later (if you’re lucky!), something comes in the mail. It’s the opposite of the two-day shipping satisfaction of Amazon Prime, in other words.

So Amazon is trying to fix the problem by adding a dedicated section on its site for buying Kickstarter products.

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The store, a special section of Amazon’s pre-existing Launchpad store, isn’t selling products that are currently raising funds through Kickstarter. Instead, it’s a curated list of products that have successfully Kickstarted.

The selection is pretty solid. There’s Pebble smartwatches, the Oculus Rift, Petcube dog camera, and even the rather excellent Nextbit Robin. Even better, everything seems to be eligible for free Prime 2-day shipping.

A dedicated Amazon store fills a real niche for buying products that have made their way through a successful Kickstarter. Even after a company has raised millions of dollars and made a bunch of products, they still struggle to get into Best Buy or Walmart (at least in a timely fashion). Sure, you can order direct from a website, but you probably have enough e-shopping logins already.

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