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Hardcore Android fans share their thoughts on Apple’s iPhone X

iPhone X Release Date

Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus release is now behind us, but the launch Apple fans are really waiting for doesn’t happen for another month. No one is denying that the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are great phones. In fact, the iPhone 8 Plus is the best smartphone in the world right now, regardless of how incredibly boring it is. But the completely redesigned iPhone X set to be released on November 3rd is the iPhone that has captured everyone’s attention. It marks the most drastic change ever made to the iPhone line, both inside and out. It’s also the first new iPhone design the world has seen in four years.

We all know Apple fans are eager to get their hands on the iPhone X. Despite a few looming questions such as how well Face ID will fare as a Touch ID replacement, Apples tenth-anniversary iPhone is expected to fly off the shelves as quickly as Apple can build it. But what to Android users think of the new iPhone X?

A couple of weeks ago on the day Apple unveiled its new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X, a thread popped up on Reddit in the Android subreddit. The title is simple enough — “The iPhoneX – what are your thoughts?” — and we’ve been watching it ever since to get a sense of what diehard Android fans think of the new flagship iPhone.

After 15 days, the thread has more than 10,000 points. It also has more than 1,500 comments.

The top-voted comment is a joke about Apple’s new naming scheme, which just about everyone can likely agree is quite awful (iPhone 8 and iPhone 10 in the same year? Seriously?). Coming in just behind it with 9,140 points at the time of this writing is a great point that everyone can agree with as well: It’s terrific, but also surprising, that Apple chose to adopt the industry standard Qi technology for wireless charging rather than opt for proprietary tech.

“Pretty much what the leaks said it would be. The only surprise is Apple not f**king people by using a different wireless charging system than Qi,” Reddit user Ikeelu wrote.

He continued, “Just to be clear, I’m not bashing the device itself, just saying there wasn’t really any surprises. I think this is actually a good step for Apple and the phone market. More companies will again begin to adopt wireless charging again, but more importantly, it will become widely available in cars, restaurants, etc. On top of that I like the fact they got rid of the home button, that is has minimal bezels, but don’t agree with getting rid of Touch ID for Face ID. I wish they would have took a page from [Google] and added a finger print scanner on the back with gestures.”

This is a great point. As has been the case in the past, Apple’s adoption of a (sort of) new technology often spurs other companies to get onboard. We’ll likely see wireless charging pads built into more and more things now, and it’ll also likely begin to pop up in more public spaces like restaurants.

A number of top-voted comments pertain to the iPhone X’s already-infamous “notch,” or the cutout at the top of the display where Apple’s TrueDepth camera and sensor cluster resides. “I’d rather they just ran the bar all the way across the top instead of the peculiar cutout they went with,” one user wrote. Most people, including Apple fans, seem to agree.

Another user pointed out that Face ID appears thus far to be a less ideal solution than Touch ID. “The FaceID tech looks way slower than TouchID,” cuentanueva said. “It may be instant in recognizing the face, but you have to LOOK at it and then swipe. It’s much more inconvenient than TouchID.” There are settings that allow users to sacrifice security for faster unlocks, but we haven’t tried the phone yet so we can’t comment on how fast Face ID is or how well it performs in real-world situations.

There was plenty more discussion, of course, and the overall theme seems to be that it’s a great-looking phone with a few potentially huge shortcomings. Interestingly, Apple fans seem to feel the exact same way. The full thread can be found on Reddit.

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