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The iPhone X’s notch already works

iPhone X Features

The feature on Apple’s new iPhone X is a TrueDepth 3D camera and sensor array at the top of the phone that allows Apple to offer users a facial recognition feature that’s unlike anything available from the competition. But the side effect of Apple’s decision to introduce both an all-screen iPhone design and the Face ID functionality this year is the ugly “notch.” There’s no way to defend it, especially when it comes to the iPhone X’s user interface.

But the phone’s notch has a second, possibly unintended purpose that is becoming more evident as we approach the iPhone X’s November 3rd release date.

The notch gives the iPhone X a unique design that will be easily recognized by anyone. Rather than being an all-screen device that has only generic features, the iPhone X has the camera sensor at the top that breaks the display line at the top of the phone.

iPhone fans can easily tell when someone is using an iPhone X. So can iPhone haters. A glance at the notch is enough to confirm the phone is indeed Apple’s best iPhone to date. And it’s even easier to spot the iPhone X in the wild right now.

The phone is official, but unavailable for sale. Even so, Apple employees are already using it out in the wild, as seen in the following image posted by Apple Insider.

Lots of iPhone X being openly carried around by Apple employees.

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This isn’t the first time we’ve seen pictures of the iPhone X being used in public now that the phone isn’t a secret anymore.
Because the phone is already official, there’s no reason to hide it in a protective case. And because of that top notch, it’s instantly recognizable, even if the picture quality is pretty lousy.

Here’s another iPhone X sighting from Reddit. This iPhone X was spotted in Italy:

Yes, the vertical rear camera on the back is also a design element that will help you pick out an iPhone X from the crowd. But the top notch is what you’re most likely to notice if a person next to you is using an iPhone X. As ugly as it is, the notch “just works” when it comes to marketing the iPhone X.

The phone becomes available for preorder on October 27th and will hit stores on November 3rd.

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