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Aside from wireless charging, another new wireless technology is coming to the iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Features Wireless Charging and Bluetooth 5.0

There’s so much iPhone 8 chatter that it’s hurting iPhone 7 sales, Tim Cook said during Apple’s recent earnings conference call, explaining that the iPhone 8 excitement is what’s convincing potential iPhone 7 buyers to wait. The rumors aren’t going to die no matter what Apple does to prevent leaks, and now a new report indicates that the iPhone 8 will have two hot new wireless features that might be worth waiting for.

In a new note to clients issued by JPMorgan, the firm’s analysts explained that Broadcom will provide wireless chips for the iPhone 8 to handle wireless charging and Bluetooth 5.0. Most reports out there seem to agree on the fact that the iPhone 8 is getting wireless charging this year. That’s one of the reasons Apple is moving back to a sandwich for the phone that places a metal frame between two glass panels.

JPMorgan’s note focused on Broadcom’s outlook, says CNBC, with the firm’s analysts anticipating revenues of between $500 million and $600 million in the event the chipmaker does win the wireless charging contract for the iPhone 8.

Bluetooth 5.0, on the other hand, is a new iPhone 8 detail, though it’s really not a surprising one considering that the Galaxy S8 already comes with the next-gen Bluetooth standard.

Newer Bluetooth 5.0 tech allows support for two independent audio streams, which means users can watch the same show or listen to the same song but have complete control over their volume experience on their Bluetooth headsets. Furthermore, Bluetooth 5.0 works over longer distances than previous versions of the wireless standard.

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