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This iPhone 8 leak somehow tells us absolutely nothing

May 29th, 2017 at 7:11 PM
iPhone 8 design

We see a lot of iPhone leaks every single day. Some are reputable, some are plausible, and others are just social media posts from bored teenagers on Weibo. But the one thing they all have in common is a tiny amount of effort. This iPhone case leak? Not so much.

Pictures of a purported iPhone 8 case were found by Techtastic, and claim to show a rubberized case for an iPhone 8. It looks like any other cheap black phone case, with three exceptions: there’s a vertical slot for dual cameras, a cutout for a rear fingerprint sensor, and a piece of cardboard stuck in showing a vague iPhone screen.

The two design features the case obviously hints at — vertical dual camera lenses and a rear fingerprint sensor — line up with some of the leaks we’ve seen so far. Everything points to a vertical dual-camera setup, and then the leaks are split between a rear-mounted Touch ID sensor, and no visible Touch ID sensor at all.

Case leaks can sometimes be a good way to get information about the design of an upcoming phone. Even if manufacturers don’t release details about the design until launch date, case manufacturers can normally get the information from sources inside assembly plants in Shenzen, which allows the case manufacturers to start production of cases early.

But in this instance, it looks much more like a quick way to profit off the unpopular rumor that the iPhone 8 will have a rear-mounted Touch ID sensor. I say “cheap,” because there’s zero way to tell if this is an actual case mockup made by a manufacturer, or the case for some other poor phone that’s had a vertical camera slot cut for it.

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