The iPhone 7 is mostly sold out, and it might be tough to find the model you want in an Apple store or anywhere else right now. But things are improving, and you should be able to play with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in all color and storage options in the coming weeks.

October 8th is the date you should circle in your virtual calendar, as it appears that an international logjam is partly to blame for Apple’s current iPhone supply problems. But by October, it should be plain sailing for Apple’s iPhones.

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Apple retail store managers have been told that all iPhone 7 configurations will be available for walk-in customers starting on October 8th, Apple Insider said. Even so, you’d be better off reserving your desired iPhone 7 version online beforehand.

“Customers still should reserve online first,” a source told the site. “Just because we’ll have stock, doesn’t mean that we didn’t get cleaned out for the day an hour before you get here.”

Apparently, the ongoing Hanjin freight company bankruptcy delayed some containers full of iPhones and Apple Watch models from arriving in time for the September 16th launch. Apple Insider says that an “unnamed tech company” paid some of the outstanding shipping port fees on the US Pacific coast for Hanjin vessels so that they can dock and offload Apple cargo.

If you must try before you buy, you’ll have to choose an Apple store rather than Target or Best Buy locations. There’s no telling when the two retailers will get iPhone 7 stock.

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