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It’s time to stop installing iOS 10 betas the wrong way

iOS 10 Beta 6 Download Install

For the longest time, iPhone fans looking to try out the brand new iOS version well ahead of its official release could do so by installing the betas that preceded the final iOS version. However, many people relied on certain tricks to get access to beta versions that were released only to registered (read: paying) developers, circumventing Apple’s security measures that would prevent them from doing so.

The same goes for iOS 10 betas. But you should stop right now because there’s an incredibly easy way to get on the latest iOS 10 beta, the same one developers get to play with, and it’s all legal.

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Apple last week released iOS 10 beta 5 (for developers) and iOS 10 public beta 4 (for anyone else) almost simultaneously. That’s was a first for the company, and Apple on Monday followed suit. iOS 10 beta 6 and iOS 10 public beta 5 are out surprisingly fast, only a week after the last update.

But because Apple released them simultaneously, you don’t have to hack your way into the developer version. Instead, just get official access to the public beta, and install that OS on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Again, even if they’re numbered differently, iOS 10 beta 6 and iOS 10 public beta 5 offer you the same features. It’s just that Apple releases the first public beta of a new iOS version when the second developer beta seed is ready.

So, head on over to, sign-up for beta access, and install a profile on your iPhone that will let you download Apple’s beta releases – all instructions are available on that page.

After the public beta profile is installed on your device, go to the Settings app, tap on General, and then on Software Update. You’ll find iOS 10 public beta 5 waiting for you over there.

The best part about it is that subsequent beta releases will appear right there as well, and the updates behave just like a regular software update would.

YouTube channel iCrackUriDevice has a video covering the latest iOS 10 beta release and how to install it using the public beta, or a workaround that least you download iOS 10 beta 6 – but, seriously, go for the beta instead. The video below also explains how to roll back to iOS 9.3.4, or iOS 9.3.3 if you prefer to save your jailbreak.

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