For the second time this week, Apple has released another beta of iOS 10.1. The fifth beta seems to be a much larger update, at 1.95 GB. Registered developers and anyone already on the public beta stream can download the update as an over-the-air fix right now.

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The beta released today appears to only be for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. This, combined with the fact that it’s the second release this week, means it might just be a fix for the same cellular connection bug as Apple patched for iOS 10 earlier this week.

The easiest way for both registered developers and public testers to download the update is over-the-air. If your device is already running an iOS 10 beta version, you should see it in the Software Update menu in Settings. Otherwise, you should head to Apple’s website and download the configuration profile.

iOS 10.1 has already been in beta for a few weeks. The most notable change in iOS 10.1 is the Portrait camera feature for the iPhone 7 Plus, which allows you to blur the background and create a bokeh-like effect when shooting people or dogs.

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