It’s been less than two weeks since iOS 10 beta 4 hit the air, but it’s already time for an upgrade. Apple has made iOS 10 beta 5 available to developers (and the generally curious) as an over-the-air update, ready for download right now.

We’ll let you know how to download the update without a developer account soon, but if you’re willing to wait a few days, Apple will likely release an updated public beta that anyone can download before the end of the week.

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Although there has been no confirmation as to how many betas the company will release before working on finalizing the Gold Master version of the software, Apple released the final beta for iOS 9 around this time last year. If beta 5 isn’t the final version, we’re certainly getting close.

In the change notes, Apple lists a number of bug fixes that have been applied in this version. Most notably, you can now use the official Apple Battery Case without the phone freaking out, using speakerphone doesn’t enable speakerphone by default for future calls, and third-party apps can play back music stored on the device, even if the Music app is uninstalled.

We’ll have our full impressions coming soon, but in the mean time, anyone with a dev account can download the 300MB update over the air, or from Apple’s website.

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