Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 had a serious battery defect that turned some units into a potential explosion and fire hazard. The company dealt with the problem the only way possible: it recalled more than 2.5 million units, offering free replacements or refunds to affected buyers. While exploding Galaxy Note 7 handsets are no laughing matter, it turns out that you can make deadly Galaxy Note 7 bombs in a game.

Grand Theft Auto 5 fans will surely appreciate a special new mod that lets them use Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 as a dangerous bomb.

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As you can see in the following videos, the Galaxy Note 7 bombs are rather effective. You’ll be able to deal with police and any other enemies by simply throwing phones at them. And it looks like you’re going to have quite a stash of Galaxy Note 7 bombs with you at all times.

This great mod turns GTA 5’s regular sticky bomb into a Samsung phablet. You can even change the color of the phone and change the wallpaper you see on the phone to match your actual wallpaper. The trick is pretty neat, but works only on the PC version of the game — check out this link to learn how to get the new Galaxy Note 7 bomb mode yourself.

Meanwhile, if you still haven’t brought in your faulty Galaxy Note 7, you should seek a replacement immediately. it might not cause as much damage as a Note 7 bomb, but we’ve seen cars go up in smoke and one family even lost their home.

Check out this hilarious Galaxy Note 7-based GTA 5 mod in action in the following clips:

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