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Google Home outage hits users, ‘100 percent failure rate’ reported

google home outage

It’s only been a few weeks since Google took to the stage and bragged at length about the capabilities, features, and reliability of its Google Assistant virtual helper, but now one of the the company’s premiere Assistant-equipped devices is suffering some serious issues. Reports that Google Home, the fabric-adorned smart speaker that is the centerpiece of Google’s smart home strategy, is experiencing a widespread outage are piling up, and Google can’t seem to find the fix.

Many Google Home users have now reported that their units are consistently responding with error messages whenever they try to interact with them. The “there was a glitch, try again” and similar messages began to pop up with increased frequency as far back as May 31st, and today, almost a week later, the faulty response rate seem to only be getting worse. As Android Police reports, some Google Home devices are essentially completely broken today, with “a nearly 100% failure rate.”

On a complaint filed to the Google Home Help Forum back on May 31st, a Google Home representative notes that they are looking into the issue. “We are actively investigating this matter and we greatly appreciate all the feedback and reports from everyone,” the response reads. “Please bear with us while we continue to work on this.” The initial complaint now has over 70 replies, with many other Home users reporting similar issues.

Oddly, the Home speaker seems to be the only device where Assistant is having issues, as the Assistant app on smart devices is working just fine across the board. It’s also pretty shocking that, even after a week of hammering on the problem, Google can’t seem to bring the increasing number of sick Home device back from the dead. Let’s hope the company can figure out a solution and get them back on their feet soon.

In other words, don’t worry because Google will definitely have the problem fixed by the time your new Google Home arrives, if you take advantage of the current sale on Amazon.