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So long, Siri: Google Assistant for iPhone is available for download

Google Assistant iOS App

Sorry, Siri, but it looks like your days may be numbered. Apple’s virtual personal assistant software started a revolution and every one of Apple’s rivals now offers a voice-controlled AI product of some sort. Interestingly, we’ve seen something of a role reversal in this important space. Apple typically waits until it comes as close as possible to perfecting a new technology, and then launches it after other companies have already dipped their toes. There are plenty of exceptions, but that’s generally Apple’s M.O. With Siri, Apple was first out of the gate, having launched the product in beta back in 2011. Countless users would argue that Siri is still in beta, however, because they constantly encounter problems while trying to use it.

If you count yourself among the iOS users who can’t stand Siri, you’re in luck: Google Assistant has officially arrived on the iPhone, and is available right now as a free download.

With Google Assistant, Google pulled an Apple. The company entered the voice-powered assistant space long after Apple did, but it released what many people believe to be a vastly superior product. In fact, events unfolded much the same way as they did in the smartwatch market, but reversed: Android watches came out first, but they were (and still are?) awful. Then the Apple Watch came along and showed people how impressive a smartwatch could be.

Visit an Apple-focused subreddit or just about any Apple fan forum on the planet, and you’ll see endless complaints focused on Siri. Meanwhile, Google Assistant is praised almost universally by its users. If you’re an iPhone owner in the United States and you want to see what all the fuss is about, you finally can without having to buy a Google Home. The brand new Google Assistant app for iOS is available for download right now in the US App Store, and you’ll find a download link below.

The Google Assistant

Meet your Google Assistant. Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It’s your own personal Google, always ready to help.

Whether you need a reminder to pick up milk, help finding your travel photos or need to make a dinner reservation, your Assistant is ready to help. To get started, press the mic icon or start typing.

Some things your Assistant can help with:
– Make quick phone calls (e.g. “Call Mom.”)
– Send text messages (e.g. “Text my bestie.”)
– Send emails (e.g. “Email your boss the latest TPS report.”)
– Set reminders (e.g. “Remind me to buy a birthday gift for Sarah.”)
– Set calendar events (e.g. “Set a calendar event for dinner with Charlie tomorrow from 7-9.”)
– Play music (e.g. “Play Jazz music on Youtube.”)
– Navigate to places (e.g. “Get me directions home.”)
– Ask it anything (e.g. “Will I need an umbrella today?”)

Download The Google Assistant

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