Google made a huge push for its email management service Inbox for several months after its public debut in the first half of 2015, and while it’s considered superior to vanilla Gmail in many ways, it still lacked some pretty basic features that Gmail has had for ages, including support for viewing multiple inboxes at the same time. Google finally got around to fixing that particular grievance, and the service now allows you lump all your mail together into a single inbox. The only problem? You’ll need an Android device to use the new feature.

The “All Inboxes” view on Inbox for Android is essentially the same as the all inboxes view for regular Gmail, saving you the trouble of tapping back and forth to view mail from each individual account. It’s convenient, especially if you have a handful of accounts that you don’t check all that often, but don’t want to completely ignore them, and it’s kind of shocking that it’s taken this long to add such basic functionality to the software that Google championed as the ideal way to manage your Gmail accounts.

It’s also a bit of a shock that the update wasn’t rolled out universally across Android, iOS, and (most importantly) the web version of the service. Those of use sifting through several Gmail accounts on an hourly basis are more than likely using them for work, which means lots and lots of productivity-minded web users could surely benefit from the feature.

In any case, multiple inbox support is likely coming to Inbox on iOS and the web in short order, so we won’t have to wait much longer.

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