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Here’s a 5-second look at the Galaxy S8

Published Mar 23rd, 2017 3:28PM EDT
Galaxy S8 Video
Image: Weibo

The Galaxy S8 is coming very soon. You know it, I know it, and Samsung knows we know it, too, but until the anticipated March 29th official reveal in New York City we have to gawk at videos like this one. The extremely brief clip — we’re talking a measly five seconds here — shows what appears to be a Galaxy S8 in all its curved-edge glory. The video, which was posted to Weibo, is titled simply “Galaxy S8.”

While short, shot in a vertical orientation (ugh, seriously?) and somewhat grainy, the video still manages to do a better job than any of the still photos leaked thus far at offering an idea of what the phone will look and feel like in your hand. The screen is just plain massive, and the display spills over the sides in a very aesthetically pleasing way. The device being handled in the clip definitely supports all of the most credible leaked images and descriptions of the device that we’ve seen thus far.

It’s not particularly clear what’s on the screen, and the video’s relatively low quality doesn’t do us any favors in figuring that out, but it seems to be a Chinese web site or app. That doesn’t necessarily matter either way, but it could support the idea that the video was shot from someone in the supply chain before the phones shipped out.

The Galaxy S8 is expected to finally be announced in less than a week, and go on sale on or around April 21st.