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The Galaxy S8 seems to be struggling with a very basic feature

Galaxy S8 Text Messages

Sending and receiving text messages is one of the most basic things you can do on a mobile phone. You don’t need an iPhone or Android device for that, but the instant messaging experience is better on smartphones, where you have various alternatives for texting with your family and friends.

That’s why it’s somewhat strange to hear that the Galaxy S8 suffers from an unexpected text messaging issue.

A handful of Galaxy S8 users have takento Reddit to complain that not all the messages people send them are actually delivered. Even if it’s marked as “sent” on the sender’s phone, the Galaxy S8 supposed to get it might not always receive the intended message.

“I have an S8+, and for the past month I have only received about half of the texts my wife sends me,” one user said.

“At first I blamed her poor choice of a phone (iPhone) but just now my brother informed me he had been messaging me and I haven’t received any of them and he has a Google Pixel. Anyone else having these issues or know a fix?”

It’s unclear what causes the issue and how widespread it is. But there are more threads on Reddit describing similar issues — here and here.

Moreover, it’s unclear what causes the problem, and why it took so long for it to be discovered. After all, the Galaxy S8 is hardly a new phone, as it was released all the way back in April.

Finally, there are no fixes for it at this time. If you’re experiencing similar issues, you can try to reset APN, network settings, clear the cache, toggle Wi-Fi calling, and switch texting apps. But there’s no guarantee any of these will fix the issues. In fact, you won’t know whether it’s fixed or not until you compare texting history with one of your contacts.

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