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No Galaxy S8 batteries have exploded since the phone’s release

Galaxy S8 Battery Explosions?

It’s pretty common to hear about smartphone batteries exploding, considering the large number of devices out there. But it’s pretty rare to see the number of explosions and fires become a statistical anomaly for a single device, as it was the case for the Galaxy Note 7 last year. Samsung was forced to pull the phone and come up with new security measures and quality assurance practices in order to make sure that no other smartphone suffers the same fate. And it looks like Samsung learned its lesson well, as no Galaxy S8 handsets have exploded since the phone was released.

A report from The Herald says there were no reported battery problems in the 50 days following the Galaxy S8’s launch, according to statements made by industry sources. It’s unclear who the industry sources are, but it doesn’t really matter. Had any Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ exploded since Samsung started selling the phones in April, the incident would have made the news given the Galaxy Note 7’s unfortunate history.

While that seems extraordinary, it shouldn’t be perceived that way, and Samsung should not be lauded for something all smartphone makers do, ensuring that batteries are safe. Batteries should not explode or catch on fire due to manufacturing issues. That should be one smartphone feature we should all take for granted. That said, Samsung’s efforts to correct the manufacturing issues brought to light by the Galaxy Note 7 explosions won’t go unobserved.

The refurbished Galaxy Note 7, meanwhile, should hit stores in the very near future, complete with a safer (and smaller) battery pack. However, Samsung has not yet announced a release date or launch markets for the refurbished handset.

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