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Samsung’s worst-kept secret is out: The Galaxy S8 Active is real

We’ve known for a while now that Samsung is going to release a rugged version of the Galaxy S8 sometime this summer. It’s not rocket science: every version of the Galaxy S has had a rugged counterpart since the Galaxy S4, and the timing fits right into Samsung’s release schedule.

But if we needed any more confirmation, a leaked promotion from AT&T itself has proven that yes, the Galaxy S8 Active is real — and likely coming sometime soon.

An AT&T promo page, spotted by XDA, clearly references the upcoming Galaxy S8 Active. Under the terms and conditions for a $500-off promo on Samsung TVs when purchasing an eligible phone, AT&T’s site clearly says “You must upgrade or add a new Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ or Galaxy S8 Active purchased on AT&T Next or AT&T Next Every Year with eligible postpaid voice and data wireless service.”

The site still hasn’t been changed at the time of publishing. That means that either AT&T’s website team is feeling lazy today, or that the Galaxy S8 Active launch is happening so soon that it’s not worth changing.

The TV promo runs out by the end of August, so you have to assume that if it’s bothering to mention the Galaxy S8 Active, the launch of that phone will be well before the end of the month. Samsung already has an event scheduled for August 23rd to reveal the new Note 8, so if I had to guess, I’d say the launch will be late this week or early next, as Samsung will want some separation between the launches, so the Galaxy S8 Active doesn’t get overshadowed.

From what we’ve seen so far from leaked press renders, the Galaxy S8 Active will be the most streamlined rugged phone that Samsung’s ever launched. It’s simple and doesn’t scream OUTDOORS, with a substantial bumper around the edge the only sign that anything is different.