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A leak might’ve just confirmed the Galaxy S10’s stunning new design

Galaxy S10 Lite vs. Galaxy S10 Plus

When Samsung launched the Galaxy S8 in early 2017, we got to see a new vision for Samsung’s smartphone design. The Galaxy S8’s main feature was the Infinity display with its curved edges and small side bezels. Samsung made some minor refinements to the design this year when the Galaxy S9 came out, but that phone was too boring for most fans and sales have been disappointing. It looked almost exactly like its predecessor. Come 2019, Samsung will introduce as many as four different versions of the Galaxy S10, all featuring a next-generation Infinity screen. And now we have one more leak to confirm the Galaxy S10’s gorgeous design.

When Samsung created the first Infinity display, it removed the fingerprint sensor from the front of the phone and slapped it on the back. That way, the company was able to shrink down the top and bottom bezels. The only way to further increase the size of the Infinity display is to make it longer, and that’s where the Infinity-O screen comes into play.

The new display will have even smaller top and bottom bezels, as the camera opening now goes through the screen rather than sitting in a bezel above it. The fingerprint sensor’s location doesn’t even matter when it comes to bezel size, but you should know the Galaxy S10 is rumored to have an in-display sensor.

That said, the Galaxy S10 itself hasn’t leaked and Samsung isn’t expected to unveil it until late February 2019. But more and more leaks seem to confirm the phone will sport Samsung’s new Infinity-O screen design. After a series of renders based on alleged CAD leaks, we now have browser benchmark leaks that say the new phones will have even taller display than previous models.

It’s Dutch blog MobielKopen that found HTML5 benchmarks for two Samsung phones believed to be the Lite and Plus versions of the Galaxy S10.

Image source: MobielKopen

The SM-G970F, believed to be the international version of the Galaxy S10 Lite, scored 514 points out of 555 in the test, revealing the phone runs Android 9.0 Pie and sports a resolution of 760 x 360 points. Translated to pixels, that’s 2280 x 1080, or Full HD. The resolution also indicates the screen will have a 19:9 aspect ratio. That means it will be taller than the Galaxy S9’s 18.5:9 display.

A similar benchmark result for the Galaxy S10+ with model number SM-G975F says the phone will also have a 19:9 screen, but the resolution will be higher. We’re looking at 869 x 412 points or 3040 x 1440 pixels. The Galaxy S10+ is also expected to pack a 6.4-inch screen, significantly bigger than the 5.8-inch display on the Lite version.

Image source: MobielKopen

These benchmarks may not make any mention of the Infinity-O screen, but they do indicate that Samsung is elongating the displays at the expense of the bezels. And the only smart way to do that right now when it comes to selfie cams, is to punch a hole through the screen for the camera.

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