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Huawei just trolled Samsung hours before its Galaxy Note 9 announcement

Updated 5 years ago
Galaxy Note 9 vs. Mate 20 Pro
Image: Zach Epstein, BGR

It’s finally the day many Galaxy Note fans have been waiting for, the day when Samsung will hold its second annual Unpacked event of 2018 to unveil the Galaxy Note 9. The phone isn’t as exciting as some people might want it to be, but it’ll be one of the hottest smartphones you can buy this summer.

But Samsung isn’t the only Android device maker planning to launch new products in the second half of the year. Huawei, which aims to become the top handset maker in the world in the next two years, brilliantly trolled Samsung just before the press conference by mocking one of the key features of its upcoming Note 9 phone.

Because Samsung couldn’t or didn’t want to keep the Galaxy Note 9 secret, we all knew everything there is to know about the phone months before the phone’s actual launch. That also means Samsung’s competitors knew what to expect from the company’s new flagship phablet.

Huawei is one of them, and the company found a great way to tease that it’s making a Galaxy Note 9 alternative as we speak, one that will deliver better battery life than the Galaxy Note 9.

Thanks to all the other leaks, we know that a Mate 20 series is coming this fall, with the Mate line being Huawei’s Galaxy Note or the second flagship phone of the year. We also know that the Galaxy Note 9 will have excellent battery life thanks to a 4,000 mAh battery. We’ve had many leaks confirm the new battery capacity, and Samsung’s teasers listed battery life as a key feature of the new Note 9.

With all that in mind, here comes the brilliant Huawei trolling that I mentioned. From Pocket-lint:

It’s not often a press release arrives by hand, locked in a safe, with an emoji-encoded password to crack to unlock and find the goods within. But that’s the tact Huawei has taken with its latest tease of the ‘next Huawei,’ widely believed to be the Mate 20 Pro.

Here’s a photo of Huawei’s teaser, featuring the evolution of Huawei’s flagships when it comes to battery size and battery life from the 2017 P10 Plus all the way to the upcoming mystery flagship shown on the right side:

Image source: Pocket-lint

It’s clear that Huawei increased the battery capacity from the P10 Plus launched last year to the P20 Pro that followed it. The bar graph on the right also shows that Huawei increased battery life on those phones. For example, both the Mate 10 Pro and the P20 Pro feature 4,000 mAh batteries, but the P20 Pro delivers slightly better battery life according to the graph. That’s because the latest phones are supposed to be even more efficient than their predecessors.

Huawei is telling us in this image that a new phone is coming that will be bigger than the P20 Pro, will have a larger battery, and will consume energy even more efficiently than previous flagships.

Given Huawei’s diagram above, I’d say the Mate 20 Pro is that mystery phone. It will have a battery even larger than the 4,000 mAh batteries used so far. Furthermore, the teaser hints the phone will have a next-gen chip and other components that will require less energy. And it just so happens that the Mate 20 Pro is rumored to feature an all-new 7nm chip, a first for Huawei and the entire Android ecosystem.

In other words, Huawei just told everyone not to buy the Galaxy Note 9 because something better is coming soon.

Chris Smith
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