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Here’s every single Samsung Smart TV that supports Disney+

Disney Plus App

The launch of Disney+ on Tuesday is encompassing a massive rollout of this all-new streaming service across a variety of different software platforms, TVs, and operating systems, as Disney embarks on the biggest push it can to get the new service in front of as many people as possible — and as quickly as possible.

At launch, users will be able to start watching Disney+ content across everything from Apple TV to Roku, Xbox and PS4 consoles, iOS and Android devices, Android TV, and Samsung Smart TVs, to name just a few. And about that latter option, Samsung has also now confirmed which Smart TV models you’ll be able to stream Disney+ on.

After Disney acknowledged a general confirmation during its November quarterly presentation to investors that an agreement had been reached with Samsung along these lines, Samsung confirmed on Tuesday that Disney+ will be available on its 2016-2019 Smart TV models. If you have an older model though, don’t fret — there may still be multiple other options you can turn to if you really want to check out Disney+ (or if you’ve already signed up and definitely want to check it out).

Whether you have an older Samsung Smart TV or even a different TV brand altogether, you should still be able to stream Disney+ with your TV via those gaming consoles we mentioned, or if you have a Roku streaming player, Android TV console, Amazon Fire TV device, or Apple TV — which means, ironically, that even though Apple sort of competes with Disney+ now that it has a streaming service of its own (Apple TV+), Apple will also be able to make money on some Disney+ sign-ups. Yes, you’ll be able to sign up for Disney+ from within the Apple TV app (although to actually watch the content, you’ll be moved over to the actual Disney+ app). Likewise, you should also be able to use Chromecast for Disney’s streamer, subscriptions for which start at $6.99/month or $69.99 for an annual subscription.

For other important details to know about the launch of Disney+ today, check out our rundown of all the shows and movies coming to the service.

Here, also, is our guide with a lot of the highlights and key details you’ll want to know about the service, as well as our first impressions here of Disney+’s key launch day release, Episode 1 of the new series The Mandalorian.

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