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Genius new chatbot will negotiate with Comcast and help lower your cable bill

November 17th, 2016 at 5:32 PM
Comcast Cable

Cable TV is amazing, but unfortunately, cable companies like Comcast are always trying to get users to pay more money for channels that they’ve indicated they don’t even want. As anyone with cable from any provider can attest, cable bills have a suspicious way of slowly but surely rising up to the $100+ range, even if you made it clear that you’re not interested in a premium package. As the famous Onion headline from two years ago reads, “Nation’s Cable Companies Announce They’re Just Going To Take $100 From Everyone.”

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Now one might reasonably claim: if your cable bill is too high, why don’t you cancel it or lower your bill? It’s seemingly a fair point, but as anyone with any previous experience with Comcast can attest, trying to get anything done with Comcast when you’re trying to lower your bill is a pure exercise in frustration. What’s more, even attempting to cancel your cable deal with Comcast can be a near-impossibility, as former Engadget EIC Ryan Block famously found out in July of 2014 after releasing a recording of his phone conversation with a Comcast rep.

Is all hope lost? Are we forever destined to be stuck in a world where we either have to choose between paying exorbitant cable fees or cancelling cable altogether?

Not anymore, my friends. Not anymore.

The enterprising folks over at Trim have come up with an ingenious new Chrome extension that deploys a chatbot designed to negotiate a lower cable bill for you with a Comcast chat representative. While the chatbot is doing its thing, you can even activate a game mode and kick back and relax with some classics like Tetris, Snake and Pong.

Per Popular Science:

Trim’s Comcast chatbot was built in just a few weeks, and it’s been tested in beta with real Comcast service representatives for the last month or so. According to Trim, 70 percent of users have seen success, saving an average of $10 on their bill.

Video of the chatbot in action can be seen below.

If you’re curious about trying it out for yourself, you can try out the extension here.

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